Famous books that I haven’t read (yet)

See which famous books I haven't read (yet) on ireadbooksblog.com! Photo credit: ireadbooksblogAs you all know, I really love to read. And my list of famous books – that every bookworm has read – is growing by the day. But there are some major books that I haven’t read (yet), while I feel like everyone else has.

Harry Potter
Let’s start with probably the biggest one of them all: Harry Potter. I haven’t read a single page from that series. Many bookworms around my age started their love for reading with Harry Potter, and still love to read them. When I scroll down my Instagram timeline, I inevitably find at least a few Harry Potter related posts. But for some reason, I don’t feel like reading them. I don’t know why exactly, because I do like to read fantasy books. Maybe one day, I will give the first book a shot!

The Notebook
I love the movies and books from Nicholas Sparks. I actually wrote a review on the latest book that I’ve read by him, See Me, a few weeks ago. I’ve seen almost all of his movies (including The Notebook) and read four books written by him, but The Notebook is still on my to be read list. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. I loved the movie and the story of Allie and Noah. Their love is so pure. So The Notebook is an absolute unlogic book on this list. And while I’m writing this, I seriously plan to read this book. For real this time.

The Hunger Games
I don’t know why this one is on this list either, because The Hunger Games is on my bookshelf, but remaining untouched. The same as with The Notebook, I’ve seen the movies. I liked the first and second part, fell asleep during the third part and loved the last part. It was sometimes hard for me to completely understand the storyline in the movies, but my friends (who did read the books) explained a lot to me. They kept on telling me that I really should read the books. And I promised I would, but it hasn’t happened yet. Whoops. 

There are a lot more books on this list, this is only the beginning. Should I make these lists more often? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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