Why I sometimes struggle to read

It's not always easy to focus on a book. Today I'm sharing why I sometimes struggle to read on ireadbooksblog.com! Photo credit: ireadbooksblog
I think it’s clear that I love to read. That’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog anyways. But as much as I love to do it, I sometimes simply can’t. Here’s why.

As a millennial, the pressure of society is extremely high. I often have the feeling that we ‘have’ to do certain things to fulfill expectations. With school, work and a social life, I try to take time for myself whenever I can. One of the best ways to do that for me, is by reading a book. But here’s the deal: that almost never happens.

I try to read as much as I can, but I also find myself prioritising things before reading. Taking time to read a book always comes last on my priority list, and that sucks to say the least. Plus, when I’m finally done with the things that I have to do, I’m too tired to do anything at all, let alone concentrate on a book.

Because we are nowadays so used multitask, it’s harder to focus on one thing. I personally prefer to read without my mobile phone nearby. Simply because it gives me too much distraction. Even when I find a book exciting, that damn cellphone always finds a way to distract me.

Back in the days
It’s not that I always struggle to concentrate on a book. I have my good and bad days, but this is just something that frustrates me. Sometimes I wish that I could live in the middle of nowhere, without mobile phones or internet, just like the old days. It seemed so much easier back then (it probably wasn’t).

Places that do help me to find time for a book are in the train and on vacation. When I travel by train, I don’t have anything better to do and when I’m on vacation, I finally feel relaxed enough to read a book.

If you have any tips for me, feel free to comment below. Do you struggle with this too?

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