Review: See Me

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Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite novelists. When his novel See Me came out last year, I couldn’t wait to start reading it. It’s been a while since I’ve read this novel (summer of 2016) but I still wanted to write a review about it! So here we go.

See me just as I see you… 

The two main characters in See Me are Colin Hancock and Maria Sanchez. Colin is finally giving his second chance a shot. He has a history with violence and has made many bad decisions. Maria Sanchez is a hardworking woman with Mexican origins. Her life seems perfect, but she has a traumatic history.

One day Maria meets Colin. He’s the ‘bad boy’, she’s the ‘good girl’. They start to hang out and become friends. While Maria’s work and history cause some real problems, Colin’s true self is showing more and more.

I can 100% say that See Me is by far the best novel I’ve read by Nicholas Sparks. And up till now I have read a few by him: The Lucky One, The Longest Ride, A Walk to Remember and The Best of Me.

His novels are similar in many ways, but See Me really excited and shocked me, more than his other novels. Normally it takes some time to get into Nicholas Sparks’s storylines, but this novel got me hooked from the very beginning. It is a romantic thriller, with realistic characters who show their real faces.

I loved the tension, action and character development in See Me. I read this novel so fast, because I couldn’t stop reading it. I wanted to continue reading in the car, even though I get sick in the car whenever I read or try to focus on one thing (I didn’t care, it was worth it).

So yes, I would definitely recommend this novel. Even if you don’t like Nicholas Sparks, this book is seriously a must-read.

Title: See Me
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Released: 2016
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Rating: 5/5

What do you think about this novel? Have you read it?

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