My twenty second birthday gifts

I turned twenty two on the first day of May, yay! Today I’m going to share with you which (bookish) gifts I got for my birthday. And most of the presents that I’m going to tell you about are in the picture above (can you find them?).

I got two books from my roommates: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon and The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonassen. I recognized the books by their cover, but never read the back of it. I’m very curious and excited to read them and I will of course upload reviews of the books once I’ve read them.

Light letterbox
I’ve been wanting to have this thing for a while now, but I just never bought it myself. So I was very happy to receive a light letterbox from my boyfriend! Perfect for photos on my Instagram, but also for fun at home!

My biggest (or most expensive) birthday gift is an E-Reader from my parents. I chose the Kobo Aura 2 E-Reader and I’m very happy with it! I’ve always been ‘anti’ E-Readers, check my blog post about that topic here. Anyway, I changed my mind and I will start reading books on my E-Reader soon.

Money, money, money
And last but not least, a few things I got for my birthday that are not bookish. I’m going to move in June to a new apartment, so I got some money for my birthday for the new home. I also received some giftcards from Sissy Boy, Xenos and a ‘boekenbon‘, a giftcard for books in The Netherlands.

I really enjoyed my birthday, these gifts are great and I love them but the most important part was that I celebrated it with my friends and family! 

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