Why I mostly read English books (and not Dutch)

Why I read English books blog post. Photo credit: i read books blog
I often get the question why on earth I read in English and not in my native language, Dutch. Well, I’ve got multiple reasons for that.

Translated stories
Back when I was a teenager, I read books in Dutch. Until the very moment that I read Twilight (omg, memories!) in Dutch. I didn’t like to read it in Dutch, it just didn’t make any sense in my head. It felt weird, to read a translated story with city names and character names in English, but the rest of it in Dutch. So I decided, I was 15 years old back then, to try and read the story in English.

It was a challenge for me. I never struggled with the English language, but it was still different for me to read English books in my spare time and for fun. But as I kept on reading, it became easier for me to understand and filter the words that I didn’t know (I still do that). 

Most of the books that I’m interested in are written by an English or American writer, so I prefer to read the stories in their original language.

The second most prominent reason for me to read in English, is to keep on practising my English. As I said before, I never struggled with English in school. But now that I don’t practice the language in school anymore, I noticed that my English knowledge got weaker by the day. So that’s another reason for me. To keep up my English knowledge and vocabulary.

But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to read Dutch books. Actually, I just started reading De Graces by Laure Eve in Dutch! So I try to vary with reading in English mostly, and sometimes in Dutch. 

I don’t know if this story made any sense at all, but I still wanted to share it with you guys! In what language do you prefer to read your books? 

4 gedachten over “Why I mostly read English books (and not Dutch)

  1. Same! I enjoy reading Dutch books, but I prefer to read the books in their original language. Reading English books has really improved my English. Also, English books are a lot cheaper than Dutch books😄

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