Why I finally want an E-Reader

IMG_6851 correctie
I never thought that I would say this. But I really want an E-Reader. Let me explain why.

I am pretty old school. I still buy CD’s and up until one year ago, I also bought DVD’s. Now I mostly use Netflix whenever I watch a series or film. So I never really liked the idea of having an E-Reader. I prefer to hold a physical book and I was always anti E-Readers. But that has changed over the last couple of months.

As much as I love physical books, there are a few cons to them. For example the weight. I always carry the book that I am reading at that moment in my backpack. Just in case I have to wait somewhere, so I can read in the meantime. It’s not that the weight of one book is too much for me, but books can be big. Plus I carry so much more with me in my backpack. Therefore I think it would be easier to just carry a lightweight E-Reader with me, instead of a book.

Night light
Secondly is the fact that I can’t read at night without a little night light. The night lights that I have are often too bright, so I use candles instead. Still, I think it would be great to have some backlight in an E-Reader for the nights.

My birthday is coming up in about six weeks, and my parents want to give me an E-Reader. Yay! I am very excited about it. I will still read physical books, of course. I will never stop doing that. But I am also going to use my E-Reader whenever I feel like it.

I have read some reviews online on E-Readers, and I think that I will go for the Kindle Paperwhite, in the colour white.

Do you own an E-Reader? And what do you think about the topic? Let me know!

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